TV-Series: Euphoria

TV-Series: Euphoria
Belonging (Maslow's hierarchy of need)

Apparently, I always write about short movies, tv-series, books or movies =) 

Somehow, I seek for answers and deeper meaning in everything or at least I want to understand why something happens and how to prevent it. Or how the author or director of the movie felt when he was creating the scenery.

New TV series - Euphoria.

Ugh... From this point of view, it is ugly and complex. I see teenagers destroying their lives.

However, I strongly recommend this tv-series to all parents!! Somehow, many of us managed the adolescence, some of us tried drugs, threesomes, few hurt themselves thinking it was alright back then... And few became addicts. All of us tried their best to continue and create a better future but I think all of us has one big question: what about our children, how to protect them from the world? Easy to write and read about it but let's try this together, for all of us who have children and all of us who want to become a parent.

What I saw in the first three episodes is the complexity of being a teenager in the 21st century

Drugs are available everywhere, and teenagers accept them easily. What is highly concerning, is that in many cases they try drugs that are deadly without questioning just accepting the following sentence: ’it's good I don't know what it is, but try it!’ 

-Parents, concerned? You should be because I am! I am not a mother yet, but I am planning of having one, or two, or maybe three... But I am scared! How am I going to protect him or her? I can't go with my child trying to save him/her from life and all the challenges! This behavior could even harm him/her more!

Not all, but many teenagers struggle and take the wrong path because of their relationship with their parents! It is not that you are a bad parent! Most of us wish only the best for their children, but struggling with what the best is, we make mistakes. Not all children are the same. We have to understand our children. We have to accept their difference, their preferences, and self-being. And throughout understanding, we have to try to show them that they are wrong about something. Don't push them, but understand them and let them do the right thing! You can't do the right thing for them! The pressure from society is too big! The availability of drugs makes it even more difficult. Once they try it, they use it to escape their confusing thoughts about themselves, about their sexuality, about lost love ( it looks to them like they lost themselves ).

In Euphoria, we see troubled teenagers. Unprotected sex, sex videos, transsexuals, violence, obesity, sexual preferences, and drugs. A lot of drugs! We see teenagers who are scared from one side but courageous and ready to try everything on the other side. Instead of them being courageous in accepting themselves, they are being courageous in destroying themselves. From obess girl to skinny girl, they both are sexual persons using their bodies in a different way, but still using them sexually. Our job is to try to see their struggles, to be patient, to accept their mistakes. Because if we manage that, then they will come to us when they are scared because they will know that we will help them and accept them. And when you know their secrets then it will be easier to manage them. Because if we don't, some drug dealer will manage to show them the way to escape, or there will be a threesome in which they will be filmed and released publically... This is situations in which you can't help anymore. What goes in their mind is scary... They are not just teenagers but they are teenagers with many thoughts going behind the scenes... Hurtfull thoughts, hard to understand and not easy to live with. Euphoria pictures youngsters in the 21st century!