The Other Side of Addiction

Addiction is more complex than it seems.

The Other Side of Addiction

November 27 2012 at 10:38am my brother overdosed from cocaine and heroin. 

Before this day I was angry at my brother for his behavior. I thought, as the rest of the world thinks, this is his choice. 

I could have kept this way of thinking, only our little brother was doing the same poison, and dying.

I had to educate myself on what happened and try to save our little brother from the same fate. 

The first thing I learn was we can only save ourselves. 

The second was no addict wants to be an addict. 

The third was addiction is not a choice. How people numb the pain that comes with addiction,  that is a choice. 

The fourth was your loved ones cannot recover alone. They need a support system. 

All these things are contrary from how I felt before my brother passed. I didn't know, as most of us don't know, how addiction works. 

 We must educate ourselves and spread awareness to help our loved ones. We must stop the stigma that it's not ok to talk about addiction. We need to talk about it. Voices save lives. 


Paula- Sister of Addicts