Guest blogging guidelines

Follow these guidelines:


1. Only original, unpublished work
Please do not submit articles already published on your website, blog or elsewhere. We check – and if it’s not original, we do not accept it.

2. Be relevant and insightful
We won’t publish ‘same-old’ content. Take a glance at past posts on Sober Magazine and see how you'll contribute something fresh and different.

3. Fluent, readable and error-free
Articles must be written in high-level, error-free and fluent English. Give your article a good structure with good headings and subheadings.

4. Don’t get all ‘commercial’ on us
Please don’t include promotional content or links to your product or service. Content should be useful and compelling to the reader – not self-serving.

5. Give facts, examples and practical tips
As Steve Maraboli said, “Your opinion isn't my reality”. Focus your article on real-world trends and tips. copy your claims with source links.

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