Europeans score highest on heavy drinking

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Europeans score highest on heavy drinking
Europeans score highest on heavy drinking

Going through some statistics and numbers on the internet I ran to this sentence which left me shocked. 

Namely, per capita, Central Europeans drink 11.61 liters of alcohol per person, Eastern Europeans drink 11.98 liters per person, and Western Europeans consume 11.09 liters.

On the other hand, not surprisingly, the Middle East has the lowest consumption per capita. 

However, these statistics about Europe and the citizens in one of the most developed continents left me shocked.

Why I was so surprised? Europeans are mostly well educated, rural areas are well developed (unlike in many other countries were rural areas might not have even the basic needs satisfied). Additionally, the health system is functioning, and the unemployment rate tends to be at the minimum. However this facts does not prevent heavy drinking, the education didn't bring high awareness of the consequences, the job position did not stop to have a hangover the next day.

Although I think that educated people are highly aware, these statistics prove me wrong. What is the problem behind the curtain, is that people do need compassion and love, not a well-paid job, people need less stressful life, rather than all the pressure that society brings on. 

Also, we have to speak openly about the problems, and what is most important we shouldn't deny the problems that alcohol brings. How many time we have heard that it is ok to have a hangover that doesn't mean that you are an alcoholic. Or to make a million excuses because you haven't come to work, while the real reason was the alcohol you have in your system and the incapability to function normally. You don't run away drinking alcohol. Rather you drive straight to the many more problems, with 150 miles/hour. Think about the consequences. Think about what you get and then think about what you lose. Because numbers and statistics don't lie. We have a problem.